Good data is needed for effective learning

Conclusies van de NFU-invitational met dr. Brent James en dr. Richard Bohmer (Londen, april 2017)


We should include further action on three points:
  1. As we acknowledge the power to improve of interdisciplinary clinical groups working the way we saw, the way forward is to enhance the space, the status and the power of groups like these.
  2. As we understand good data is needed for effective learning, we should develop data systems for quality metrics. Once more since we know most important criteria: data must be (disease) specific and to some extend standardized, but above all relevant in the view of clinicians. A frequent and fresh feedback should be supported by the data system.
  3. Collaborate in and between umc’s and hospitals, engage (young) clinicians, educate and learn together and share support.
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In de NFU-invitational van mei 2018 bouwden we erop voort met o.m. Don Berwick en Göran Henriks. Zorgvisie berichtte erover. Klik hier om dat artikel te lezen.


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